Tips for surviving isolation with loved ones

Kyle Berger

It's been almost two weeks since we all decided now was a good time to stop going to the office and spend more time with our loved ones at home.

And, while it seems unclear just how long we will all independently choose to keep this lifestyle up, considering China is currently seeing unprecedented levels of divorce requests in the last month, it seems apparent that developing the necessary skills to watch our love grow in such an environment is mildly important.

So, in this time of need, I recruited my partner - Wendy Swain - to each offer our lists of tips for how to make this the best time of our lives!
Switch yourselves into sponge mode, people! You're gonna wanna take this all in!

Kyle’s tip #1 - Spend as much time as you can to let your partner feel your close connection. It's important they know how much you love them, appreciate them, and are always going to be there for them in these challenging times.

Wendy’s tip #1 - Make sure you plan some time to yourself and some space from your partner. They could become needy of your attention, so it's important that you plan some time to yourself.

Kyle's tip #2 - Allow yourself to relax on non-frivolous things. Enjoy the freedom from nuisances like having to shave every day or other non-essential grooming efforts you'd normally make so that everyone thinks you're awesome. Enjoy your freedom!

Wendy’s tip #2 - Find pleasant, subtle ways to let your partner know you love them, but they stink and need to take a shower or you’ll need to spend more time away from them.

Kyle's tip #3 - Learn something new around the house. For example, if you don’t usually do the laundry, ask your partner to show you how to do it. They’ll be so happy you asked to chip in out of the goodness of your heart and you’ll feel so proud that you contributed and learned something new!

Wendy's tip #3 - Drop subtle hints to your partner about how much you’d appreciate it and how much it might attract you to them to see them voluntarily doing the laundry. They’ll feel so proud of themselves for coming up with it on their own!

Kyle's tip #4 - Try to learn to avoid doing things like scraping your teeth on your fork when you eat so as not to drive your partner crazy.

Wendy's tip #4 - If I hear that tooth-on-metal scraping sound again, I might just punch out all of his teeth.

Kyle's tip #5 - Learn something new, like, as a random example, self-defense techniques that you can practice around the house when necessary. As mentioned before, it’s always good to voluntarily learn new things!

Wendy's tip #5 - Offer to teach your partner self-defense, leaving out a few key moves you will need to use at some point. Perhaps even when they're sleeping.

Kyle's tip #6 - Don’t hesitate to call 811 if you develop serious symptoms of Covid19 - or if your  partner grabbed your fork, fell, and accidentally planted it into your leg.

Wendy's tip #6 - Learn to say, "Oops, it was an accident!" with conviction.